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Guest Post: Decorating the Pet-Friendly Way

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Following is a post written by interior designer Susan Provines of Susan Provines Interiors in Lenexa, KS.

When interviewing a new client….one of the key questions I ask is “who” will be living in the home.  Not just the two legged resident, but any furry friends as well.  For many homeowners, their pets are very much a part of their family, and when planning for new furniture, carpet or other design element, it is important to consider their needs.

Although it is not always possible, hard surfaced floors are always easier to maintain.  Pet fur and oils get embedded in carpeting and it is difficult to keep them clean and odor free.  Using tile or slate creates a comfortable cool place for your pet to lay on hot days.  If you use patterned rugs, they will show dirt and fur less, but keep them vacuumed frequently.

Match the color of your upholstered furniture (if your pet is allowed on the furniture) to your pet’s fur.  A white long haired cat lazing on your chocolate brown sofa will be a constant issue.  Spend the extra money to have your upholstery treated with a stain preventer or think about easy care slipcovers that can be removed and laundered.

Make sure your pet has a special place of their own to sleep and lounge.  And of course, plenty of chew toys so that furniture legs aren’t tempting.  Early training of your pet will prevent or at least keep their attention on something other than your dining room leg.

Stick to window blinds and top treatments if your pet likes to scratch and climb.  The theory of “less is more” will make your life much easier and give you and Fido more time to play!

Finally….there are so many fun fabrics and accessories for the animal lovers today! Wouldn’t a fun “doggie fabric” make great valances for a laundry room window or an over sized floor cushion?

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