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Go grab a breath mint, dude!

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Bo:  You know, Jessie, I have been meaning to tell you this in some diplomatic way, but I don’t know how to say it other than, “Do you need some mouthwash or something?  Your breath is kind of foul at times!”  There is no Joy of Living in that, my friend!

Jessie:  How dare you!  I maintain proper oral health care!  Perhaps I have just been breathing in some of your aroma and spewing it back out.

We often joke about bad breath in dogs, but it truly is not a laughing matter.   Those breath mints for dogs only serve to cover it up, and it is of greater importance to discover the reason behind the foul odor. Some factors could include excess build up of tartar on the teeth, infected gums, or loose and diseased teeth.  Other larger problems could be an oral tumor or some systemic disease at play, such as kidney problems or even diabetes.  All of these can cause a change in the smell of your dog’s breath.

The most common culprit, however, rests in tooth and gum problems. (Jessie:  Yes…like if I was ever so insane at to snack in Bo’s litter box, I would possess very foul breath.)  If your pet’s bad breath is raising a concern with you, make it a point to get him or her to the vet so that a proper diagnosis can be made.  If it is simply the teeth and gums causing the odor, then most likely the vet will recommend a good dental cleaning and provide you with some home-care guidelines to keep up the maintenance.

Bo:  For now, I intend to sit as far away from Jessie as possible.  I just threw a box of Altoids in her general direction.  Hint!  Ah…now I have My Joy of Living in Kansas City!



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