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Go get a breath mint, dog!

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Bo, the super-clean cat:  Have ever had that moment when you are snuggling with your dog, enjoying the tender loving moment, when you are suddenly hit by some obnoxious odor reminiscent of road kill?  Not that I snuggle with the mutt in our house, but I have been told that doggie bad breath can be a killer.  While both dogs and cats do suffer from this, I would like to think that dogs are more susceptible.  The number one cause of bad breath is periodontal disease, but it can also be brought on by gastrointestinal problems, kidney issues, a poor diet, or even a sinus infection.

As gross as it sounds, that bad smell is caused by pet’s waste products that accumulate in the gum pocket. (Ew!)  Unless these bacteria are removed, they can destory the gum, enlarge the pocket, and potentially destroy the bone.

The best home remedy is to brush your cat’s or dog’s teeth with pet toothpaste.  This will keep plaque at bay.  You can even find this toothpaste in beef and chicken flavors.  (Ugh…nasty.  I prefer something a bit minty and refreshing!)

It is best to brush the cheek sufaces, where most of the tartar collects and contributes to that horrible odor.  It will always return, but much more slowly if you continue to practice this habit.

Just be sure to never offer your pet a Tic-Tac or some breath mint.  We could choke.  All it takes is a few seconds a day to clean our mouths.  We can then promise you wonderful face-to-face encounters that will not end in accidental manslaughter because you were overcome by the odor.

In addition to cleaning our teeth daily, you can put more joy into our lives by letting the pet sitting experts at Joy of Living Pet Sitting Services in Kansas City watch over us when you cannot.  They are the best!

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