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GIGO-Garbage In, Gas Out

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I was meeting with a colleague today and he asked me what to do about his dog’s gas problem.  As the conversation went on, I asked him what he was feeding his dog, turns out it’s a low-quality economical brand of kibble.  When I asked about treats, the answer was pretty much the same.  He hadn’t changed food recently, but had increased the number of treats for training rewards.

So what are some things to do to help control your dog’s gas?  One step is to feed your dog quality food with a protein like beef or chicken as the first ingredient.  Most lower quality foods have a lot of filler grains that can be difficult for your dog to digest.

Another thing to try is adding some live yogurt cultures to your dog’s food.  The bacteria in the yogurt cultures kill the bacteria that create digestive problems.  Some dogs have trouble digesting milk, if your dog has this problem, try using a soy based yogurt.

Charcoal aids in digestion, so you can try feeding your dog charcoal biscuits as treats.  These should be available in pet specialty stores.

Try these steps for your dog and you’ll both be happier!


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