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Get your pet to help you with that post-holiday bloat!

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Bo:  Well, here it is…the day after Thanksgiving.  Many folks may be out shopping….or, many may be on the couch in a self-induced food coma from a bit of over-indulgence in the Thanksgiving feast of yesterday.

Jessie:  Is that why you are writing this post from your bed, computer on your belly, and drool coming out of your mouth?  If it were not for me, the spelling in this document today would be atrocious!

Bo:  Let it be said that both humans and pets need regular exercise, and it is so much fun to do that with your beloved canine by your side.

Jessie:  How lucky for you!  I have never even seen someone out for a run with a cat.  Guess this means you will be watching TV all day while you recuperate?

Bo:  As I was saying, if you want to have some fun exercising with your pooch, it will be a great way to work off some of that holiday bloat…and gear up for the next round of food festivities that strike us all in December.  Just like humans need to begin slowly with their exercise program, start walking or running your dog on soft surfaces like dirt, sand, or grass until his paws toughen.  Be sure to keep him on  a leash, too.  Also, consider your dog’s current physical condition.  Older dogs may do just fine with a leisurely walk.  Younger pups can probably handle a more rigorous romp.  Be sure to begin your exercise routine with short periods of activity and then gradually bump it up with increases in time, speed, and distance.

Jessie:  You might add that it is not wise to exercise your dog right after a meal.  That can lead to some tummy troubles…and I really do not feel like puking all over myself.  Take into consideration your local weather conditions, too.  When it is cold outside, dogs can get frostbite just like humans.  Likewise, if the pavement is hot, it can damage our paws, too.  We kindly ask that after we have been in the snow that you wipe off our feet to remove any ice, salt, and other debris that can harm or irritate our paws.

Bo:  Also, be sure to check with your vet before starting any exercise program for your dog, especially if your dog has a history of any medical problems. (Bo looks over at Jessie and ponders:  I wonder if this includes a history of MENTAL problems, too?)  Just remember!  Your dog loves to have fun with you!  Exercise is a great way to brighten his day and to get the blood pumping in BOTH of you!

If you have a busy schedule and want to have a trusted professional walk your dog, call the experts at Joy of Living Pet Sitting Services in Kansas City.  They love to make sure your dog gets some exercise!  Your dog, in turn, will love you for it!

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