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Funny Pet Tale

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Zoe Faragher, from Rosebud, Australia sent this story about her Cavalier King Charles Spaniels.

Matilda who is very small and Bonnie who is twice her size.  Matilda is known all over our neighbourhood as the “socialite dog” as she loves to escape to “parteeee with all her furry friends”. Anyway our neighbours have just put up a new 6ft fence – so problem solved – NOT.

Miss Bonnie decided she would help Matilda escape. I wondered where they had gone – as it was extremely quiet. And lo & behold Miss Bonnie was furiously digging a huge tunnel under the fence whilst Miss Matilda sat there waiting. Only took 3 seconds and Matilda was off – as I called her back Miss Bonnie decided she was in BIG trouble and tried to escape too. However she could not fit – all I could see was her rear end & tail wagging furiously. Where is a camera when you need one?!

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