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Five Pet Travel Accessories to Pack for Your Pet

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The August 2011 issue of Dog Fancy lists 13 new travel items to pack for your dog when traveling.  Here are a few items from that list:

  1. Buddy Meals-this kit contains a package of dog food, bottle of purified water, treats and even a scented pick-up bag!  $4.89 each, available from
  2. Wander Bed-this travel bed will work for indoor or outdoor use and rolls up like a sleeping bag.  It’s machine washable and is available for different sized dogs, prices range from $50-$65, order at
  3. Tempalert Harness and T-Shirt-These products have a specially designed patch that changes color when temperatures go over 100 degrees to alert pet owners it is too hot for their dog.  Available at Petco stores or for $24.95 each.
  4. Petmate Curvations Luxury Pet Carrier-this carrier is made of soft cushioned material and is designed for pets under 16 pounds.  There are ventilation panels all around to maximize airflow, and it also has a special safety clasp for added safety.  The carrier folds flat for storage when not in use.  Priced at 49.99 and is available at Petsmart stores or online at
  5. Brushless Paw Wash-the washer is filled with soapy water or pet-enzyme cleaner and then is rubbed up and down each paw to loosen dirt.  There’s a squeegee that will then remove all liquid.  Prices range from $17.99-$19.99 and can be ordered at

These items will ensure your pet has a great time on vacation!


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