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Feeding the Green Way

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Did you know the food you feed your pet has an impact on the environment?  How the food is manufactured, packaged and shipped can make a difference to the environment around us.

Pet food makers are seeking out renewable forms of energy like solar power to reduce environmental impacts.  In 2009, one pet food maker opened a 100% solar powered manufacturing and distribution plant in California.

How pet food is packaged also affects the environment.  Wet food comes in steel cans, which are recyclable.  For dry food, if you have a question about whether or not the bag is recyclable, call the customer service number on the bag to check.  Purchasing food in larger containers and buying treats packaged in cardboard also help reduce the amount of waste.

Many pet food makers are working to reduce the carbon footprint by making distribution channels environmentally friendlier.  The EPA has a program called SmartWay which certifies transport vehicles as more fuel efficient.  This program also works to reduce transport vehicle idling times, make the trucks more aerodynamic and use automatic tire inflators to improve gas mileage.  Check to see whether your pet’s food manufacturer is a member of the SmartWay program.

Looking at the manufacturing, packaging and distribution practices of pet food companies when we make buying decisions will be one more way to a greener way of life.

Source:  Natural Cat, Spring 2011


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