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Faster than a speeding cat….

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Party Marty here, the amazing WunderCat!  The other day, I took the liberty of sniffing around the belongings of our late and beloved Bo, the cat whom I aspire to be most like one day!  Seems he had a thing for collecting cat trivia.  Guess it was his way for getting back at Jessie, the alleged know-it-all dog around here.  Check out some of these interesting tid bits about the feline species!  You will be amazed!

  • Humans and cats have similar regions in the brain responsible for emotions!
  • A cat’s brain is actually far more similar to a man’s brain than a dog’s brain. (Well…duh!  I could have told you that!)
  • A cat cannot see directly under its nose. (So THAT”S how Jessie has gotten away with so much mischief around me!)
  • A domestic cat can sprint at speeds up to 31 mph! (Especially if there is a treat on the receiving end of that sprint!)
  • Cats drink from the under side of their tongues…not from the top. (That’s only something a dog would do!)
  • Cats dislike the scent of citrus. (“Orange” you glad I alerted you to that fact?)

Wow!  I better get going.  I just came across Bo’s diary!  Wow!  What a windfall!  I can only imagine what secrets are hidden within these pages. I see here there’s a chapter devoted entirely to annoying Jessie.  I better dive deeply into that one!

Catch you later, but bet you can’t catch me…unless you can run 31 mph!

(Thanks to for some of this valuable information!)


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