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Famous Cats in History

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Party Marty here, trying to “one up” the dog in the householdd: Just because there may be some famous dogs in history doesn’t mean we should overlook those famous felines, right?

  • Who could forget Felix the Cat, the amazing star of the animated cartoon that bore the same name?
  • Garfield…a personal favorite of mine.  He has always known how to out-wti, out-smart, and out-maneuver not only Odie, that dog companion of his, but his human, too! In my humble opinion, Garfield rocks!
  • And then there is the Pink Panther! This clever, crafty, pink-colored feline made his worldly debut in 1964 in the original “Pink Panther” movie. While his crafty ways generally kept him unharmed, he always managed to leave some sort of messy trail. He did keep audiences entertained, however!
  • You’re probably smiling now, as I am going to mention Cheshire cat from “Alice in Wonderland.” While most cats just leave nuggets in the litter box behind, this clever cat would often just disappear leaving nothing but that famous grin behind. (How did he do that?)
  • Muessa – so adored by its owner, Mohammed, that stories claim Mohammed would cut off his robe if the cat was sleeping upon it instead of disturbing Muessa from its slumber.
  • Then there was Slippers, the six-toes-per-paw cat adored by President Theodore Roosevelt. Rumor has it that Slippers actually attended diplomatic dinners.

Be sure to look for my name one day in the anals of cat history!  Lots of exciting things coming up for me!  Stay tuned!

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