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Ewww…what’s that smell????

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Bo, the wonderful cat:  You know, I was wondering what to write about today, and when Jessie stepped into the room, it suddenly hit me:  PET ODORS…and HOW TO GET RID OF THEM!  I could just shoo Jessie out the door and on her merry way, but I don’t think our owner, Karen, of My Joy of Living pet sitters in Kansas City would go for that.  As such, let me give you a few tips to rid the air of those foul odors, most often brought by the canine kind!

1.) Always clean up pet messes as quickly and thoroughly as possible.  If you are not sure where there are messes, make the room dark and then use a black light bulb to highlight any dried “oh-oh” spots.

2.) You can deep clean the areas using a carpet cleaning machine or a carpet shampoo machine and cool water only.  Do not involve chemicals or cleaners, as these could harm your pets.

3.)  Use an enzyme-containing pet odor neutralizing powder.  You can pick this up at most pet stores, or maybe even your vet sells it.  This powder will permanently remove the odors caused by protein and bacteria, even from the deepest fibers in your carpet.  These powders  may also contain a cleanser that will allow for the removal of stains.  Let this powder sit for eight hours and then vacuum the area(s).

My final suggestion would be to remove the dog from the house on a permanent basis, but I guess I do not have too much say in that matter.

The pet sitting experts at My Joy of Living in Kansas City will be happy to help you with any pet odor problems.  Just don’t let them know about my personal advice on the matter.  I am a cat.  I don’t want to end up in the dog house!

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