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Everybody in the Pool!

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Jessie, the lovable dog always on the prowl for something fun to do:  I just found out something exciting to do towards the end of summer.  I had never heard of this before, but apparently a lot of community swimming pools around the country do this.  I live in the Kansas City metro area, and one of the local pools in the suburb of Leawood is inviting all dogs to come and enjoy the last swim of summer!  They open up the pool to the dogs!  All for a mere $3.00 per dog!  How much fun is that????  What a great way to end the season….by making a big splash!  Of course, I will have to consider the impact the chlorine might have on my hair, but I can strike a pose in my gorgeous swimwear. Now…if only Bo were still with us.  I’d make sure he “enjoyed” a swim, too!  He-he!

So, check out community pools in your area and see if they are offering something similar for your dog!  It could be a great way to enjoy some amazing fun together!


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