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Ever Wonder If Everyone Else Asks Their Vet the Same Questions as You Do?

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Party Marty here! On a mission to find out some of the most frequently asked questions pet owners present to their veterinarian.  Too shy to ask?  Feel silly asking a certain question?  Once you read this list, you will probably feel as if you are in good company.  Here’s what my sources are saying are the most common questions posed to veterinarians:

1.) What is the healthiest food I can feed my pet?

2.) How much should I feed my pet?

3.) Is my pet too fat?

4.) What vaccinations does my pet need?

5.) When can my puppy go outside?

6.) Should I brush my pet’s teeth?

7.) How frequently should I bathe my pet?

8.) Why does my dog eat poop/grass/other non-edible items?

9.) Can my pet make me sick or can I make him sick?

10.) How much is this visit going to cost me?

Okay…I threw in that last one….but you get the picture!  Nearly everyone has the same questions.  Ask away!  That’s what your vet is there for.

What? Are you still here?  Oh…you want the answers! Well, I suppose you will just have to come back for those later on! (There had to be a catch, right?)

Thanks to for assisting with these questions.


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