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Ever been afraid of a vet’s bill?

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Bolt, adorable Yorkie-Poo, guest commentator:  My humans took me to the vet a few weeks ago for my regular check-up.  During that visit, it was determined that I could benefit from a little extra “procedure.”  This “procedure,” however, would cost my humans roughly $500.00.  Now, it is not a necessary procedure, but is recommended.  However, it got me to thinking, “What if something major happened to me and my humans could not afford to have the vet take care of me?”  The horror of it all!  I would not be around to annoy the bigger dog in the house or to bark at the wind.

As such, I have confronted my humans about pet insurance.  I know for a fact they have medical insurance on themselves and those little rug rats running around the house.  I also know they love me as much (if not more than at times!) those pesky kids!  So, I have to ask myself before I present my case once again to the powers that be:

1.) Do my humans really love me?

2.) Do they want the best care possible for me, in the event I need certain medical treatment?

The answer better be a solid “yes!”  I know that with pet insurance, they can confidently take me to the vet knowing that all of my needs will be covered without draining their bank accounts.  (And I bet they will even have extra money for treats in the long run!  How cool is that?)

Every pet will need medical attention at some time or another.  With pet insurance, you can have peace of mind knowing that you have help with those expensive medical costs for accidents, emergencies, or illnesses.

The only thing that worries me, however, is that this pet insurance might not cover any cosmetic procedures.  I was seriously thinking about getting my teeth whitened and perhaps getting a little liposuction.  Not that I need it.  I simply like to look my best.  Now that I am posting on a popular blog, my fans have certain, shall we say, expectations of me!

Well, this is all food for thought.  Speaking of which, the dog bowl is empty.  I better go figure out what that is all about.  If that big dog in the house has been messing around my stash, we are going to exchange some growls!  Gotta run!

(Bolt had some help with this post by researching some information at  He also recommends that you check out Joy of Living Pet Sitting Services in Kansas City.  They are the kind of insurance you need when you go out of town and have to leave your precious pets behind.)


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