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Entertaining Your Indoor Cat

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Bo, the happy cat:  There are usually two sides to an issue, and in the case of keeping cats indoors versus letting them roam around outside, it is no exception.  When a cat is left to its own devices outside, he or she can find plenty of trouble into which to get.  However, when left inside, it is most appreciated when our owners find creative ways to entertain us….even while they are away!

As you may already know, cats adore looking out a window!  Make it enjoyable for your cat by placing a bird feeder within view of his favorite window.  Your cat can sit by the window and watch the birds as they come to feast.  Cats also enjoy watching birds splash in bird baths.  (Get your mind out of the gutter….it is not the same as one human spying on another in the shower or something!  Typically, we are thinking “lunch!”)

Some cats may stare out the window for hours.  With bird feeders, ground squirrels are also attracted, and those little critters will keep your cat entertained.  If squirrels in the backyard don’t bother you, then consider this entertainment television for your cat…The Outdoor Channel!

Make sure that the window in front of which your cat sits is closed.  Or, if it has to be open, make sure there is a screen.  We don’t want your cat jumping out the window and chasing down the wildlife.  Also, make sure your cat has something sturdy (and comfy!) on which to sit while he observes out the window.

Final touch:  Make sure the window is clean!  We want to see everything!

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