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Educating Others About Puppy Mills

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The other day I was in Target picking up some supplies for Jessie.  The cashier was asking me about my dog, and through the course of the brief discussion I indicated Jessie had been a puppy mill dog prior to me adopting her.

When I said that, the cashier gave me a puzzled look, asking what that meant.  I told her briefly about how dogs are treated:  Little time outside kennel, breeding often to produce large numbers of puppies.  She knew nothing of any of this, but thanked me for educating her and giving me a thumbs up for rescuing Jessie from that life.

This was a brief interaction, but I felt good knowing that I’d enlightened someone about the life for dogs in puppy mills.  Hopefully she’ll pass the information along to someone else and it’ll grow from there.

If the opportunity presents itself today or in the very near future, would you tell someone about puppy mills?

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