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Don’t Leave the Cat Food Out…for too long, that is!

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Party Marty on the scene, with a little advice for the cat-lover in you:  So…it’s feeding time for your cat.  You open the can of cat food and place a portion of it in the bowl.  You leave the rest out on the counter in the can.  For how long, though, can you leave that can of cat food out before it spoils?  To be safe, make sure it is left out no longer than 20 minutes, perhaps even less in the warmer summer months, especially if you have no air conditioning.

Be sure to  cover up the unused portion and put it back in the fridge.  A simple way to cover it is to place the can into a zippered sandwich bag.  Also, since we cats are rather particular and are not too fond of cold cat food, be sure to warm it up quickly in the microwave for our next meal! Don’t heat it so we burn our tongues!  Just bring it back to room temperature!

Oh…and feel free to give us side dishes of hugs and kisses!  We can never over-indulge on those! Those are served best at any temperature or time of day!

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