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Dog vs. Cat – Which is better?

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Author Bradley Trevor Greive upset more than a handful of happy cat owners upon the release of his book, “Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats.”  However, upon turning the pages of this book, it becomes apparent that Greive  is not anti-cat.  He is merely pro-dog.  In fact, many of those cat owners have now come to embrace the meaning behind this book.

The book, which took six months of work and of intense observation of dogs, sets forth accounts as to why dogs simply make better pets.

Jessie, the dog, interrupts:  HA!  I knew it!  I was right all along!

Bo, the distinguished cat, interjects:  It is only one book.  I am sure someone is now feverishly penning a title to the contrary!

Along with Greive’s prose, the works of famed photographer Rachel Hale were used to present a collection of complementary images.  The working relationship between these two was nothing short of fantastic and supported the grand evidence of how modern technology works wonders.  Greive  was at home in Tasmania recovering from shoulder and knee surgery while…

Bo:  What?  Did some angry cat rip him to shreds?

Jessie:  Be quiet…I want to hear more!

….as we were saying…while Hale got married in New Zealand.  She worked from illustrations to build sets and then took various photos to accompany Greive’s written portions.

Despite Greive’s obvious preference for the canine kind, he does point out a few down sides to such pet ownership:  the intense time needed to care for them and the money it takes to feed them are just two examples.

Greive will admit that cats are attractive to look at, and, “when possessed by their own frisky demons, hilarious to observe.”

Jessie:  Hey, Bo…you demonic thing you!  What’s up?

Bo merely glares devilishly at Jessie.

Despite the humorous tone in this book, Greive does note that before one decides to own a dog, he or she has to take into consideration the responsibilities that come along with that role.

Greive continues to live with his three wonderful dogs and has no plans to introduce a cat to the clan anytime soon.  Nor does he foresee a feline rebuttal in the works, at least from his pen!

Bo quickly runs off and turns on the computer to open a Word document!  Let the games begin!

For more about Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats, go to

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