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Dogs Like to Eat Organic Too

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Earlier this year I joined a service called Door To Door Organics that delivers organic produce to my home every week.

This service works great for me because of my crazy schedule, making it difficult to get to farmer’s markets or other CSAs in the area that require weekly pickup at specific times/days.

I’m able to eat great tasting produce (a lot of it locally grown, all of it organic) and a side benefit is being able to share it with Jessie.

I’ve written many times about the benefits of adding fruits and vegetables to dog’s diets. They provide nutrients and variety to doggie diets without adding a lot of empty calories.  Jessie loves the bananas, apples, green beans, carrots and yams I’ve prepared for her from my weekly DTD delivery.

I peel and slice the carrots (no seasoning), microwave them for a couple of minutes, then add to Jessie’s dry food.  For the green beans (again, no seasoning), I cut off the ends, slice, microwave, and add to her dry food.  She loves both veggies!

With the yams, after microwaving I scoop out the insides and add to her food.  The peeling is not recommended for dogs to eat.  Yams provide a lot of nutrients and Jessie goes crazy for them, she chases her dish around for a few minutes even after they’re gone!

So, if you’d like to eat organic produce, but have trouble getting to markets to buy, check for a service like Door To Door in your area.  If you’d like to learn more about Door to Door, check out their site


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