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Dogs get cold feet, too!

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Jessie, the seemingly pampered pooch:  It is deathly cold outside right now, with temperatures scaling down into the single digits.  I scarcely want to put my delicate paws onto the cold and frigid surfaces outside just to take a potty break.  A walk is out of the question!  I love a good walk just as much as the next dog, but these cold and icy conditions can be dangerous to my paws.  Snow and ice can get stuck between the pads on my paws, which can cause tiny cuts and very cold toes.  Even just a small amount of this stuff under my feet can pull on the sensitive hairs underneath and create a noticable loss of traction.  The easiest way to get that snow and ice off of your dog’s paws when you bring him or her in from the snowy outdoors is to simply let it melt off naturally in the heated environment of your home.  If you pull on the packed snowballs stuck to the bottom of our paws, it can be quite painful, and we may be reluctant to let you do that the next time.  Believe it or not, you can purchase dog boots for us.  Some have a rubber sole (NeoPaws), much like you see on a tennis shoe.  Those will give us improved traction and stability.  Others are built for warmth and comfort (Muttluks), lined with fleece for the extreme cold weather.  Other brands have a flexible sole that will allow us to grip with our paws (Ruff Wear Barkin Boots), simulating a bare paw experience.   Just remember!  We get cold just like you do!  And we are the ones who have to take our bathroom breaks outside!

(Information for this blog found at  Karen Harrison is a professional pet sitter and owner of Joy of Living Pet Sitting Services in Kansas City.


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