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Dogs Are Great Workout Buddies!

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I’ve talked here on more than one occasion about how much dogs love to go for walks, and an article I read the other day on, “Looking for a Workout Buddy:  Get a Dog”, shows why we should embrace the walk with our dogs.

Recent survey results show that 66% of the walks dog owners take each week are walks with their dog.  Studies show that dog owners that regularly walk them are much more likely to meet the guidelines for daily activity to stay healthy.

Another perk is that when we walk our dogs, we’re also getting up off the couch and going outside.  Twenty-five percent of families with children and dogs visit parks regularly because of their dog.

Walking your dog regularly also helps build a sense of community, if you’re like me, while out walking Jessie, or even client’s dogs, we often see many of the same people  and begin to get better acquainted.  Many people whose neighbors own dogs schedule play dates for them, giving the owners a chance to socialize while the dogs are playing.

Organizations like the YMCA have noticed how dogs help build community, so YMCA’s nationwide will be hosting  a program called Power of Pets this fall.  The program will include activities such as dog walks and dog yoga.

It can be difficult to find a human workout buddy that will stick with the program and encourage you to do the same.  Dogs are so full of enthusiasm and energy when it comes to walking that it’s hard, if not impossible, to stop working out.  They’ll drive you crazy begging for walkies!

So, think about trading in your two-legged sometime workout buddy for a four-legged one, you’ll be glad you did!


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