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Doggie, It’s Cold Outside!

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Following is a post from my friend Sarah Daly and her dog Cash (shown in the picture below:

5 Tricks Your Canine Will Wag About

It’s a blizzard out today, literally and my furry friend, Cash is excited to go outside. He paces back and forth at the front door, certain that we will be going out for our morning walk. He has no idea that when the snow is blowing sideways, it might be a better idea to stay inside instead of going for his bi-daily walks.  He just keeps sighing and pacing.

So what if you have a dog like mine who longs to go out, yet it’s not safe for anyone to be out in this blizzard mania? Is there something that keeps them entertained? Exercised?  Appeased?

Here are 5 things to wag that tail, work that mind and at last, keep their front door pacing to a dull roar.


Tell your dog to sit/stay. Then hide behind a half open door. Be sure to let him see you hide there. Then say, “find me” and act all excited when he does it. You can give him a healthy treat. Repeat the game, making the hiding places a bit trickier as time goes on.


Try one of these exciting doggie events:

  • Tug on a rope
  • Jump through a hoop (hula hoops are available at toy stores, make sure the landing is easy on the joints and there is good traction for the paws)
  • Jump over a broomstick/handle/dowel/PVC pipe
  • Fetch down a long hallway
  • Fetch up and down the stairs
  • Weave between your legs (only if your dog is small or you are very tall)


Dance with your dog like no one is watching. And bonus if you have a hound or talkative dog, you can both sing!  Try different types of music. Who knows, Fido might really like Opera.


Teach your dog the names of different items – toys, leash, keys, and shoes.

Once your dog knows the names, you can then work on getting the dog to bring you the items. And bonus if you can then get him to help you to clean up after the fun!


Just like humans like to relax, a dog massage is the “cat’s meow”.  You and your friend can unwind after a fun day of play with a dog massage and some stretching. It’s a great way for you to relax and bond all at the same time!

So even when the winter is harsh and you can’t get out for a walk, you can still help your pooch get the exercise and mental stimulation they need and stay warm too!

Sarah is owner of Dog-Eared Pages.  For more about her and her company, go to


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