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Dog Owners Are Not Perfect! They Make Mistakes, Too!

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Jessie, the unmistakable queen of the household: Hey!  We know if you have a dog or a cat, you probably love that little critter so much!  However, just like parents do with kids, pet owners can make some mistakes along the way.  However, most of them are forgivable.  If you own a pet, take a look at some of these potential mistakes you might be making. After all, not all pet behavior, good or bad, can be attributed to the pet.  The owners have a great influence on how their pets behave.

A big mistake many pet owners make is not recognizing obesity in their pet. The best thing to do is consult with your vet about the proper weight and body size for your pet.  I know it is easy to sneak a treat or two to your buddy during the day, but, over time, that can add up to some serious poundage! (Just think of what some people do to themselves as they graze all day while at the computer!)

Stop encouraging bad behavior.  If you allow your cute, new puppy to jump on you, do you want him doing that when he is fully grown and weighs 85 pounds? What if 85-pound Aunt Edna comes to visit one day and that dog knocks her over as he welcomes her?  Not a good thing!

If your pet has an accident in the house, clean it up quickly and thoroughly.  Use an enzyme cleaner to eliminate the smell, as dogs can smell where they last made a deposit and that may entice them to make another deposit in the same place. An alternative to enzyme cleaner is one part white vinegar to oe part water, if the smell doesn’t bother you!

Just as with kids, you have to be consistent in the discipline of your pets.  Be absolute.  Allowances of “always” and “never” are understood by dogs.  “Sometimes” represents a gray area. If your dog is allowed to jump on you when he is clean, then what’s to stop him from jumping on you when he is muddy…and you are wearing your Sunday best?  Not a good thing.

If your dog is left alone for too long without mental stimulation or exercise, behavioral issues can arise. If you have to leave your pet alone for several hours due to work demands, consider coming home for lunch, if possible, or hire a pet sitter to stop by during the day (any good companies come to mind here? HINT!) .  A bored dog spells trouble.

Never, ever discipline your pet by hitting or spanking him!  That can create a fearful and aggressive pet. If you do not actually catch your pet in the act of doing something wrong, then you cannot effectively discpline him.  Also, do not allow anger as an excuse to hit your pet.  He will not understand this and will eventually act out.

Well, that is my rant of the day.  If you really want to show your pet how much he is loved, then consider using the professionals at Joy of Living Pet Sitting Services if you live in or near the Kansas City metropolitan area.  He will be so happy you did…and you will, too!

(Thanks to for this great information! No thanks to Bo, that mangy cat, who took the day off from blogging to nap.)


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