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Does Your Pet Need to Lose a Few Pounds?

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dog weight loss tips

I recently started working with a client that was told by the vet she needs to lose a few pounds.  Weight loss isn’t particularly fun for humans or animals, but there are some things you can do that will help your pet lose weight, and not leave her feeling like she’s missing something.

Try these suggestions:

  • Substitute cooked carrots or green beans for a portion of food.  Pumpkin is another good substitute.  These foods contain a lot of nutrients and fiber, but very few calories.  The additional fiber will make your dog feel full longer and they love the taste!
  • Reduce the size and/or number of treats given
  • Reserve a portion of daily food allowance to use as treats.  Play “find it” with your pet, they love it!  Hide bits of food or treats in various locations and tell them to find it.  This game gives them a chance to use their sense of smell and keeps their minds busy.
  • Stuff hollow toys with morsels of food.  Pets will work off energy trying to get the food out of the toy.
  • This one isn’t related to food, but is great for helping your pet lose weight, it’s good for us too!  Take your dog for walks.  If your dog isn’t used to walking, start slowly for short distances and gradually increase speed and distance.

Your dog will love the new foods added to her diet and the new activities.  Use the walking and game time as chances to strength the bond with your pet, and above all, have fun!


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