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Does Your Cat Sulk?

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Jessie, the lovable pooch:

I have to tell you.  I am so glad I am a dog.  Living with a cat is an emotional roller coaster.  At times I just do not understand Bo.  First he is up, then he is down.  I can’t keep pace with it all.  Do you ever wonder why cats sulk in the first place?  Are they depressed?  Have they given into the fact that dogs are the superior species?  What gives?  Well, I did some research and learned a few things, but don’t tell Bo this gets him off the hook for erratic behavior.

Humans are important to a cat.  When a cat is scolded or reprimanded, he gets offended and intimidated.  When you look down at him, he views that gaze as a look he associates with an enemy. For many animals, the eyes are a signal of power. (Note to self:  work on eye expressions later!) When compared to its size, a cat’s eyes are huge.  In hostile situations, a dominant cat will stare down his rival, who will most likely look the other way and retreat.  So, when your cat turns away after he has been disciplined, he is not ignoring you.  He is actually surrendering.  (Wow…I like that…maybe I can work on my disciplinary actions and get Bo to surrender to me!)

The experts at Joy of Living Pet Sitting Services will not ignore you, but they will surrender to all of your pet sitting needs.

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