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Do Not Cross This Line!

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Bolt, the lovable Yorkie-Poo buddy to Bo and Jessie: Hey!  My turn to voice a thought and an educated opinion here.  As alpha dog in my domain, I know how to rule the roost, and protecting my fenced-in backyard is no exception.  No matter how hard my humans work to create a beautiful landscape, I am still going to patrol the perimeter with militant detail!  After all, it is MY yard, and I have to protect it.  I have seen some unwanted and unwelcome critters snooping around back there late at night, and they need to know who’s boss!  There is no getting past this eight pound dynamo!

However, I have noticed that in doing my job of protecting my turf, there seems to be somewhat of a “trail” all along the perimeter.  My humans are very appearance conscious on all levels, so what are they to do to make their yard look great but  still allow me to maintain my vigilant duties?

An ideal solution would be to create a stone walkway along the perimeter of the yard.  Not only does this  allow me to keep my day job (and night job!), but my owners have a landscaped backyard that has a certain sort of charm.  It looks great.  I have my path.  Everyone is happy….especially the guy who gets paid to install the stone path!

Nevertheless, a stone path truly is a desireable addition.  Plus, it will keep my paws cleaner, especially after any rains, as I won’t be dragging mud and grass into the house.  Gosh!  I am so smart, it pains me sometimes!

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