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“Do good” by your cat…and for the environment

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Bo here!  I am so excited to learn about a great new contest for cat owners!  Yes!  Cats are getting the recognition they deserve. Yesterday’s News brand cat litter is sponsoring a contest for all cat owners.

Jessie: That’s right..cats ARE yesterday’s news! We dogs continue to rule, and if you kitties knew how to take your personal duties out on the lawn, you would not need cat litter.  But, dear Bo, in the interest of the environment, carry on!

Bo: In honor of and in celebration of all of the good choices millions of cat owners make every day across the country, Yesterday’s News is announcing a contest to reward “Do-Gooders.”

Jessie: That would be more like “do-doers!”  HA!  Get it?  “Do-do!”  I slave myself!

Bo: Whatever!  Anyway…back to the news….Yesterday’s News invites all cat owners to share the simple ways they are doing good by incorporating eco-friendly habits into their daily lives.  These habits can include things like using alternative cat litter, turning off the water when brushing your teeth, recycling the daily paper…whatever action it is that is saving the environment.  Cash prizes will be awarded.  Those who are entering this contest are invited to submit an essay (300 words or less) that sets forth how they do good for their cats, their home, and/or their environment.  Yesterday’s News is dedicated to helping consumers make good choices for their cats.  (Does this include finding ways to get rid of the family pooch?)

Jessie:  I heard that!  Now, I am going out to the back yard to “do” some good myself.  Relax, kitty…it is all biodegradable!  Where’s my check?  Did I win?

Bo:  This is a contest related to cats, my friend.  One day, your ship will come.

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