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Did You Hear the One About the Dog Who…

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Hey, Party Marty here, ready to dispense a joke intended to mock the dogs among us.  Hey! I’m a cat! What’d you expect? Can’t make fun of my own kind, you know!  It’s Friday. It’s scorching hot where I live. I need a good laugh.  And, since Jessie is out of sight, I have no one at whom to direct my laughter, so I will leave you with this modified joke, just for fun:

A man takes his dog to the vet.  This dog is feeling weak, slow, and tired.  Fifteen pounds overweight, the vet is having quite a time just holding the somewhat obese dog.  Finally, he turns to the dog’s owner and says with a sigh, “Sorry. I’m going to have to put him down.”

The owner replies nervously, “Why?  Is he that far gone? Is there nothing you can do?”

The  vet then says, “No. It’s just that he’s so darned heavy. Move over, please. I need to put him on the table.”

Seriously…I am busting a gut over here! Is that not funny???? Okay…just my perverted sense of humor at play, I suppose.  Until Jessie comes back in the room, however, this is all I have!  Your turn…

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