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Dear Santa, Here’s what the cat wants for Christmas

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Dear Santa,

Hey!  It’s Bo the superior feline here.  This is my annual letter to you, and I hope it finds you doing well.  With Christmas just a little over a week away, I trust this letter can reach you via e-mail.  My wish list is simple this year, but productive in its request.  All I ask is that you find a way to keep that annoying dog, Jessie, out of my way.  I have been really good all year long.  I only locked her out of the house three times this year and only once mistook her doggie bed for the litter box.  Whenever something gets messed up in our human’s home, I always let Jessie take the blame.  I think it would be so rude to try to be the center of attention all the time, don’t you?  Jessie seems to complain a lot, too, that her doggie toys end up missing from time to time.  I am only hiding them under the couch as part of a game I am trying to play with her, only she does not get it! I am being friendly, aren’t I?  I promise that I will put out some milk and cookies for you this year and make sure that little critter does not get to them before you do.  And I also promise that they are REAL cookies for humans…not the dog biscuit kind.  My bad.  I was in a hurry last year as I was busy trying to rewrap Jessie’s gifts that I had opened by “mistake” on Christmas Eve.  Well, just be sure to leave me a cat nip toy or something.  I will love you for it.  I am sure Jessie will pen her own letter to you, but please do not believe anything she says about me.  I have alibis! Be sure to tell all of the pets you see out in Kansas City about Joy of Living Pet Sitting Services, too.  What a great gift that would make for some pet lover!

Happy Holidays!  Love, Bo


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