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Dealing With Your Shedding Pet

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Most pets shed their coats at certain times of the year, and it can seem as though we’re buried in pet hair. Frequent brushing can help remove loose hair, and here are some more tips from Dog Fancy magazine on how to deal when the fur starts flying:

  • Use the right kind of brush for your pet’s coat and breed. Check with your pet’s groomed or vet for recommendations.
  • Give fatty oil supplements to your pet to keep skin from drying out. Your vet can ad ise you on the brand and dosage right for your pet.
  • Don’t overbathe. Overbathing can dry out your pet’s skin, so try not to bathe them any more than once a week, if possible.
  • Keep a brush by the door and give your pet a quick brush over before heading out to start your day.

These tips won’t stop your pet from shedding, but they will help you deal with the shedding when it happens.


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