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Cleaning Greener

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Our pets, because they live closer to the ground than we do, are exposed to more toxins via their paws (chemicals in cleaning products and carpeting, de-icing substances, lawn products to name a few).

With all the chemicals around us and our pets, how can we make our surroundings healthier?  One way to eliminate chemicals from our homes is not always using commercial cleaning products.  In some cases, water can be an effective cleaner.  For tougher cleaning needs, a “green” cleaner can handle the job quite well.  Companies that offer green cleaning products include:  Earth Friendly Products (, Fresh Wave (, and Petrotech (

The garage can be a hazard for pets and young children if they are exposed to antifreeze.  Due to its sweet smell and taste, it is attractive to pets and children.  A small amount can be deadly–two tablespoons can kill a small child, and many pets die yearly from ingesting antifreeze.  As an alternative, brands such as Sierra antifreeze/coolant, that contain propylene glycol are much safer for pets and people.  If you believe your pet has ingested even a small amount of antifreeze, getting them to the vet immediately may save them.

Many building products contain volatile organic compounds (VOC’s).  These contaminants have been linked to various forms of cancer, allergies and respiratory illnesses.  Carpeting, paint, and treated wood often contain VOC’s.  In order to reduce the presence of VOC’s in your home you can:

  • Use zero-VOC interior paint
  • Discontinue use of particle board or treated wood
  • Use natural flooring products such as bamboo, cork or natural fiber carpet

Taking a few steps like those mentioned here will help keep your home environment a healthy haven for you and your pets.

Pets Gone Green by Eve Adamson was used as a source for this post


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