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Chocolate: Not a Dog’s Best Friend

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Jessie, the Halloween sweets administrator:  In just a few days, monsters, ghosts, and goblins may approach your front door and beg for candy.  If you love the holiday, you probably have bowls and cauldrons full of sweet treats to hand out to the cute kids in costumes (and to some adults, as well, who never seem to lose their inner child when it comes to this crazy holiday).  However, if you have a curious dog with a sweet tooth, danger is lurking close at hand.  It is called chocolate.  It is highly toxic to your dog.

Wise pet owners will make sure that the candy is not available to their dog. However, accidents can happen.  If your pet ingests some chocolate, do not wait to contact your vet.  When low doses are consumed, it can cause stomach upset, such as diarrhea and vomiting.  This might not even occur until a day later.  If your dog has consumed higher amounts of chocolate, he may present with increased urination, tremors that can lead to seizures, and even death.

Again….do NOT wait to contact your vet. Two hours after consuming the chocolate, it will have passed from your dog’s stomach to his intestines, whereupon it will become completely absored by the body.  Your vet will probably ask you to bring your dog in to his office to induce vomiting and check for signs of toxicity.  Some dogs may even have to be hospitalized and monitored further.

All I can say is PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE be vigilant when it comes to the candy you may have in your home this Halloween holiday.  While your dog may look extra cute in his Wookie costume, he won’t look cute if he is sick.  Offer him a green bean or a tempting doggie treat instead!

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