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Celebrate World Animal Remembrance Month with Us!

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Bo and Jessie, resident cat and dog on the blog:  We both know that animals have a significant impact on the humans who love them and care for them….and we love you guys just as much!

With September being heralded as World Animal Remembrance Month, we just wanted to dedicate this month to all of the loving animals in this world who have not only found a home in which to live, but who, more importantly, found a home in the hearts of those people who loved them dearly.

If you or someone you know has lost a beloved pet, now is the time to remember those pets fondly and with appreciation.  To start the celebration of your late pet’s life, you can do a few simple things to remember him or her this month:

1.) Take out some pictures of the animals who have passed that you have loved and who gave you so much unconditional love in return.  Share these with others. Put one on your desk at work or on the wall at home.

2.) Share your memories of the special times you enjoyed with your pet.

3.) Talk about how your pet impacted your life, even if it all boils down to the simple fact that each day when you came home from work, no matter how nasty your boss was or how horrible the traffic was, your pet was there with a wagging tail and a wet kiss, just for you!

Ask yourself what lessons your pet taught you:  Did you learn about loyalty and responsibility?  Did you learn about unconditional love?

Jessie:  Did you learn how to clean up regurgitated cat fur balls off the carpet?

Bo:  Shsh!  This is a serious subject matter today.  In the next post, we can begin to mock you!

In short, begin this month with a dedication to the pets you have loved and lost, but also to the pets who live with you now.

Happy Labor Day weekend!

Thanks to for the information for this incredible post! 🙂


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