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Cats and dogs living together

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Jessie the dog:  Most cartoons depict cats and dogs as  feverishly hostile towards one another, but is it truly that way?  Can we get along?  Much like our human counterparts, it all depends on the mix of the species and their personalities.  I am so likable that I pretty much get along with everyone, with one possible exception.  (Jessie shoots a look across the room to Bo the cat.)  As natural-born predators, we dogs like to chase those furry little things that scamper about our domain.  Just like humans, however, we are not completely ruled by nature.  We try to work things out.  It just takes some practice.

If a puppy is brought into a house with a cat, and all goes well, the puppy will most likely assume that the cat is just another domestic element.  (Or, like me, view the cat as the unwanted step child.)  Because cats are so highly territorial, however, it might be best to introduce a new kitty to a dog that is already established in the residence.  They say you should never bring a cat to a home with a dog that has been known to not only chase cats, but to actually hunt them down and kill them.  (No, I have never done that, but I can’t say the thought has never crossed my mind!)  On the flip side, you may have to protect a puppy from a rather demanding and territorial cat-monster!

In order to mix dogs and cats together, you have to learn and understand their nature (territorial, aggressive, friendly, passive, etc.) and act accordingly.  Or, you could leave well enough alone and just let us dogs enjoy our domain on our own!

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