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Cat got your tongue? Not yet, but he might catch his own tail!

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Jessie, the competent, confident pet of the household:  It’s official!  Now that Marty has perfected the art of chasing his tail, he can now stand alongside the shoes of Bo…not directly in Bo’s shoes…but next to them.  No creature can ever fill Bo’s shoes (although I was quite fond of filling them with other things back in the day!) I am not certain if Marty is bored or trying to be a show-off.  In either case, he needs to learn new tricks, as this chasing the tail thing is already boring me to tears.

Which brings to me to a certain tid bit I want to share.  Often, when people think of cats and playing, a ball of yarn may come to mind.  What a great toy for a cat, right? WRONG! Yarn is extremely dangerous. If a cat swallows it, it can get tied up in its intestines and could possibly kill the cat.  If the cat does survive such an ordeal, surgery would be necessary and would result in an extremely long and painful recovery period.  So, let Grandma keep the yarn.  For now, I’ll just delight in watching Marty chase his tail.  If he finds it amusing, I suppose I can, too!  Better yet—-I hope he actually catches his tail!  Woohoo!  What a sight that will be!

(Thanks to for this insight on yarn and cats.)


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