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Carry-Out or Delivery?

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We’re all busy these days, so anything that can save us time is definitely a plus!  A trend that is gaining momentum is delivering more home services for our pets.

Many people are familiar with in-home pet sitting services which allow pets to stay in their home environment when their family is away.  Pet waste removal and mobile grooming services are also gaining in popularity.

An article in the September/October 2010 issue of The Bark magazine identifies some additional home pet services that are now available.  One service mentioned are mobile vet clinics.  Although state regulations may make this service difficult to get established, there is a market for the mobile clinics; senior citizens that have difficulty leaving the house, households with multiple pets and small children, even euthanasia cases.

Seeing pets in their home environment allows the vet to help pet owners in ways they wouldn’t be able to as easily in an office visit.  Vets may assist pet owners with things like picking the right sized crate for a puppy and placement of the crate so the pet will feel comfortable.

Mobile pet massage is another service now being offered at home.  Since pets are most comfortable in their home environment, one mobile massage owner in Rhode Island allows pet clients to lie on the floor at home rather than a massage table.  The pet is also given the option of standing if more comfortable than lying down.

Pet food delivery services are also springing up with some offering free delivery for a limited service area. Some vet clinics offer home medication delivery.  Check with your vet’s office to determine if they offer delivery service.

With so many pet services becoming available at home,  I’m wondering if a phone app is on the way to allow pets to order their own services.


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