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Can You Teach a Dog a Few Tricks?

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Jessie:  As a very accomplished canine, I am here to report on some easy tips to train your beloved dog.

Bo, the cat:  I am so fortunate that cats do not need training.  Everything simply comes naturally to us.

Jessie:  Either that or you are just too slow to learn!  As I was saying, I have some dog training tips to report to you today.  If you want a well-trained dog, you have to exercise patience and understanding.  Ideally, if you can afford it, it is a good idea to invest in some obedience classes for your dog.  Basic commands such as “sit,” “heel,” and “stay” will be demonstrated and taught.  Since this will involve you, the owner, it will create a great bonding experience between you and your dog.

When your dog begins to learn the commands, praise them and give them a treat to reinforce his positive behavior.  Be sure to say the word “good,” as well.

After the basic commands have been mastered, move on to something more challenging, continuing to praise and reward along the way.  Harsh punishment should never be used.

When training your dog, find a quiet area free from distractions.  Limit your training sessions to no more than 10 minutes, and do them a few times each day.

Once the dog begins to perform the commands regularly, you can take him to public areas for further training.  You will really have to be patient under these conditions, as distractions will be abundant!

You can slowly reduce the treat rewards but still give praise…and lots of it!  Dogs love to make their owners happy!

Be consistent in your training, using the same words and tone of voice.  Patience is a virtue, too.  In this process, not only will your dog learn something, but you just might, too!

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