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Can You Read Your Pet’s Mind?

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Ever gotten a look from your pet and wondered what he’s trying to tell you?  If so, there may be a way to read your pet’s mind using a pet psychic.  With 62% of American households now including a pet, and more than $45 billion dollars being spent annually on pet products and services, more people are turning to pet psychics to learn what’s going on in their pet’s head.

I must confess to being a skeptic when it comes to psychics for humans or pets.  Although I haven’t been totally convinced psychics are beneficial, friends and clients of mine have shared their pet psychic success stories.

One success story was of a dog that was healthy, but he just seemed sad.  His owner contacted a pet psychic to gain some insight.  The psychic “contacted” the dog, who in turn told her he wanted a job, wanted to run.  Once she discovered this, the owner enrolled her dog in canine frisbee activities and the dog was much happier.

Another story involved a cat that ran outside every time the door opened.  Her owner, concerned about the cat’s safety and becoming increasingly dismayed by this behavior decided to contact a pet psychic.  The psychic “contacted” the cat, who in turn “told” her she’d been under much stress and going outside was her form of stress relief.

The typical reasons pet owners contact psychics are to solve behavior problems, gain insight into their pet’s health, or to contact pets that have passed away.  Owners say being in contact with a pet that has passed away can provide closure and knowledge they did the best they could for their pet.

According to a recent Newsweek article, the practice isn’t restricted to cats and dogs.  Cowboys have begun consulting with psychics about their horses.  What they learn leads them to change the way they train and compete.

So why is this service growing?  Scientists believe this trend is due to humans thinking of our pets as “children” and wanting to care for them accordingly.  We tend to forget that our pets are, in fact, animals that naturally think and act differently than humans.  Much can be learned about a pet’s state of mind by their body language, if you know how to read the signs.

I am still not sure a pet psychic is right for everyone, but it does provide a unique option for those wanting to get inside the mind of their pet.


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