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Buying a holiday gift for your dog

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Jessie, the adorable canine:  Well, the holidays are upon us.  I am so eager to find out what Santa will bring me this year.  My list was long, yet simple.  I have refined tastes and am quite confident that my wishes will be granted.

Bo, the cranky cat today:  If you consider a lump of coal in your stocking to be refined, then so be it.  I really don’t think you have been all that good this year.  As for me, on the other hand, my behavior has been stellar.

Jessie:  We will confront that issue later this week when you get a few precious moments to talk about gifts for cats during the holidays.  So, as I was saying, the holidays are upon us, and as you go about shopping like crazy for friends and family members, do not forget about your true best friend!  Here are some great gift ideas, as provided by

  • A kennel (And, no, I will not lock Bo in it, as tempting as that sounds!)
  • A new dog bowl (Something that will deter the cat, too!)
  • An extended leash (So I can run farther away from Bo!)
  • Training classes (I don’t need these, obviously, but some dogs just might!)
  • Premium food  (Ah, yes, for those of us with refined palates!)
  • A dog sweater (I look so adorable in these.  I’ll take two…no, three!)
  • Tennis balls  (I will throw them and see if Bo will chase them.  Wonder how far I can throw?)
  • Rawhide bones (I love to chew on these things.  I deserve them!)
  • A new dog bed (To sleep like a queen, that is my desire!  Bo can sleep on the floor, like all good kitties!)
  • Another dog! (I just might need a partner in crime when I am up against Bo!)

Have fun shopping this holiday season!  Be sure to make your dog smile!  And also be sure to check in with the pet sitting experts at Joy of Living Pet Sitting Services in Kansas City.  If you are going out of town this month and need some pet sitting services, give them a call!  They will make sure your pet does not miss a minute of love and attention!


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