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Bo knows! Bo knows best, too!

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Bo the cat here!  It seems that Jessie has been given a lot of time on this blog lately, and I am here to take a stand and present my voice.  I did a bit of research on the internet while my person, Karen, was out doing her pet sitting duties through her business, Joy of Living Pet Sitting Services.  Did you know, and I quote, that “cats have surpassed dogs as the favorite pet among Americans?”   There are approximately 88 million cats owned in the United States. To further my point about the popularity of cats, “more than half of all households with a cat have more than one.”  (I am the only cat in my household, and I prefer to keep it that way.  Jessie and Karen can only handle so much greatness!)  A few other  items worth noting:  Cat owners spend roughly $175 per year on routine veterinary care for their pets. Also, cat owners are very responsible about preventing unncecessary breeding.  Eighty-seven percent of owned cats are spayed or neutered.  So, as you can see, those of us in the feline category are quite deserving of our top-notch recognition!  Touche, Jessie!


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