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BlogPaws: First Day

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Although Irene is trying to put a damper on things here at BlogPaws, there were many great people and pet’s to meet, as well as learning about some great pet products and services.

Sights I’ve seen include cats walking on leashes, ferrets with outfits also walking on leashes, and I even.schmoozed with New Mexico’s first canine governor, Travelin’ Jack!

I talked with the people from Tagg, a new pet GPS tracking system, reps from a couple of natural pet food companies, and learned of an online resource, Pet Wiki, a Wikipedia type site for information and articles on many different types of pets.

The workshops and keynote speakers have been great, with the guys from Rescue Ink kicking things off this morning, talking to the group about how and what their program covers.

I look forward to learning and seeing a lot more tomorrow!


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