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Beware the Blizzard

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weather symbol snow stormWatching the news today all are saying a winter storm of mammoth proportions is bearing down on us with an impact to at least 30 states.  Temperatures will be in the subzero range a few days, so it’s recommended to stay inside.

If you have pets that like to be outside, it’s a good idea to limit the outdoor exposure to a couple of minutes.  Extreme temperatures can cause frostbite in a very short time for you and your pets.

These conditions can make your pet antsy, so try some indoor games like “find it”.  Take some of your pet’s kibble or treats and hide in various locations and tell your pet to find it.  This will give your pet some exercise and help to relieve boredom.

Kongs or puzzle toys can also be a big help in keeping your fur kid busy and out of mischief.  If you also have children at home due to school snow days, consider keeping them busy making pet toys.  There are many quick and easy do-it-yourself pet toy ideas online that will keep your children busy.  Once they’ve finished making the toys, they can use them in play sessions with your pet. Your pet will love it!


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