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Better than a Prescription Pain Killer? Quite possibly!

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Jessie, the wonder dog:  Hey!  I am sure most of you have heard that dogs can do amazing things, especially when it comes to the health of our humans.  For example, it has been claimed that we have extra senses that allow us to sniff out cancer or know when a seizure is about to strike. However, did you know that we can possibly alert you to an oncoming migraine? (I know…I know…we probably can’t do much about the headache that pain-in-the-neck Party Marty over there might cause, but we can help with this!) In a recent article by our friends on HuffingtonPost, it has been noted that dogs have ESP! Of course, I knew that already.  Just moments before my human gets home, I make sure to clean up the kitchen, tidy up the living room, and leave no evidence that I was snacking and watching some great reality TV!  For all she knows, I was guarding the homestead!

For 36 million people, migraines cause unimaginable pain.  Medication works best when taken as early as possible. Did you know that dogs, cats, and other pets can naturally detect pre-migraine characteristics, such as irritability, yawning, and dizziness?  There might also be subtle changes or smells that alert the animals to this.  In actuality, some dogs have been trained to provide warnings for their owners to take medication well enough in advance to prevent the headache.  Too cool, huh?

Yep!  Dogs (and, yes, cats!) are pretty great companions, even if I do say so myself. I pity the ones who do not enjoy the blessings of pets in their lives.

Toodle-oo….gotta run.  My human just left and that new “Bachelorette” show just began!


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