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Best Holiday Gifts for your Cats!

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Bo, the cat:  Finally!  I can speak about what I want for the holidays this year!  It seems everything is always about that dog that lives with me, Jessie.  She is such a queen bee, you know.  I just want to throw her an old bone and get on with it.  Now, if you love and adore your cat as much as my human loves and adores me, you will want to make a list and check it twice before going out to buy us that perfect gift.  I have a few suggestions for you:

  • Buy a toy mouse, either the traditional stuffed ones or the new laser ones.  Both will give us hours of pure enjoyment. Even better, select one that is stuffed with catnip.

Jessie, the dog:  I know what I would like to stuff into that mouse, if only it would fit!

Bo:  Plant some cat grass.  Typically wheat grass, this is the type of plant on which we can chew.  Try planting a plot in a large cake pan and provide a variety of plants like cat grass and cat nip for your kitty to enjoy.

Jessie:  I bet Bo would only confuse such a gift with a litter box.  It figures!

Bo:  We all appreciate the gift of health. If your budget allows for it, get your cat a dental cleaning and a check-up.  Good health can add years to our lives!

Jessie:  Scratch the above idea!

Bo:  Give your cat something with which to snuggle, such as a cat sleeping bag or a new cat bed.  Put the bed in an area not over run by the cat’s human counterparts so the cat feels safe and secure.

Jessie:  Put it in the garage, right behind the left rear wheel of the car!

Bo:  If you  listen to what I have said and completely ignore everything Jessie has said, I am confident your kitty…and I…will have a blessed holiday season!

Final note:  Give a gift certificate from Joy of Living Pet Sitting Services in Kansas City.  Owner Karen Harrison will make sure your pet feels special not only during the holidays, but all year-long, as well!

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