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Beauty Secrets of a Show Dog

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The Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show begins tomorrow and the contestants are getting ready.  Believe it or not, the participants have a beauty regimen they go through to prepare for the big show.  Following are some of the big dog’s beauty tips:

  • The dogs must be in shape to get around the auditorium while keeping their cool.  Dogs work on conditioning year-round, with some breeds doing treadmill workouts or running alongside a moving bicycle.
  • Short-haired breeds get a dab of baby oil on their nails and tip of their noses so they’ll shine.
  • Since dogs have dry paws, some trainers spray soda on their paw pads so the dog won’t slip in the ring.
  • Seems humans aren’t the only ones to use hair products.  Many dogs get mousse in their hair to make it fluffy, and hair spray to finish the look.

Ah, the price of beauty!

The WKC Dog Show begins tomorrow evening and will be televised on USA Network.

Info for this post from Parade Magazine, February 13, 2011

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