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Be Sure to Puppy-proof Your House

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GG, Weimaraner puppyYesterday was my first visit with GG, an eight week old Weimaraner.  As with any youngster, she is into any and everything.  With this in mind, it is important to puppy-proof your home before bringing home the new member of the family.  Here are a few suggestions:

  • Make sure to move houseplants out of reach.  Silk plants can be attractive to puppies, as they are to GG, so consider moving them too.
  • Be sure your trashcan has a lid that can be latched.
  • Use a baby gate to keep your puppy out of rooms that haven’t been puppy-proofed.  Gates work well to keep them away from stairways too.
  • Make sure to put everything away when not in use.  This includes things like:  TV remote, newspaper, magazines, glasses, pens, shoes and socks.
  • Be sure to put latches on cupboards that contain hazardous materials such as household cleaning supplies.
  • Keep your puppy out of the garage.  Antifreeze is attractive to dogs, but a few licks of it can be fatal.
  • Be careful about wearing jewelry around your puppy.  Yesterday, before I arrived to visit GG, I took off my necklace and bracelet but forgot to remove my hoop earrings.  While playing with GG, she grabbed one of my earrings in her mouth.  Best rule of thumb, don’t wear jewelry around your puppy if possible.

Keep in mind that puppies are very much like babies, very active and inquisitive.  Take special care in and around your home to keep your puppy safe, and she’ll be a great member of the family for years to come!

What’s your funny puppy story?


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