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Are You Truly Ready to Adopt a Cat?

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Bo, the esteemed scholar and educated cat: I decided to be a bit esoteric in my point of view today.  Instead of rambling aimlessly about one topic or another, throwing a jab or two at Jessie along the way, I have decided to compile a list of considerations for you to ponder before you go ahead and adopt a cat.

Adopting a cat, or any pet for that matter, is a true act of kindness, for you are saving a life.  But before you adopt a cat, be sure to consider the following before you fully commit to your new pet:

1.) Everyone in your household should be in agreement with the adoption.  Your new cat could be a part of your family for 10 to 15 years.  Is everyone ready to make that commitment?

2.) Are you patient enough to understand the needs of your cat and the manner in which it communicates to you?

3.) If there are children under the age of six, it is best to wait a few years before adopting that kitty, as they have extra sharp teeth and claws and may lash out when teased.

4.) Be aware of any cat allergies someone in your household might have.  If you have a friend with a breed of cat similar to which you are considering adopting, spend some time with that cat before choosing your new pet.

5.) Sure, your kids will tell you that they will take care of the cat, but every wise adult knows that within days, if not hours, that promise dissolves.  As the responsible adult, are you willing to commit to the responsibilities of being a cat owner?

6.) Are you a group of home bodies, or does your family travel frequently?  Cats like routines.  Consider who will take care of your pet in your absence.

7.) If you live in an apartment, condo, or other rented place, are you even allowed to have a pet?  Be sure to find out first!

8.) Are you Type A with OCD and  prone to anxiety when anything is out of order in your home?  Be aware that your new cat may destroy some of your furniture or possibly have an accident on the floor.  And, heaven forbid, consider the potential for flea infestation!  Can you handle all of that without getting too stressed out?

9.) Finally, are you financially able to take care of a cat?  This includes medical care, food, toys, kitty litter, grooming, and any other supplies that can add up over time.

One thing you probably have more than enough of is love.  If you are considering adopting a pet, it is probably the emotion that has led you to your actions in the first place.  Just make sure to do all of your homework first before making that final decision.

If you finally do decided to adopt a cat, the love you receive in return for saving its life will be exponentially multiplied.  I bet you can deal with that!

(I dug up some of this information on  the Pet Place web site.)


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