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Are you ready for a road trip?

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Bo, here, the worldly cat: Hey! I think I am due for a new passport.  Mine is rather dog-eared (no pun intended) and close to expiration.  Now that summer is in full swing, it is time to think about hitting the road for some grand adventures in travel! I was thinking maybe the South of France or..

Jessie, the fun-loving dog: How about DisneyWorld?  That would be awesome!  I could meet Mickey and Minnie and Daisy and Donald and..

Bo, rolling his eyes: Well, little lady, before we make any plans to go anywhere, we have to make sure our human knows what to pack for us.  We are going to focus our posts this month on traveling and vacationing with pets.  If you thought you had to be prepared to take KIDS on vacation, wait until you get a whiff of what you need to do to take us along for the ride….but I promise you, it will be worth the effort!

Before you head out the door, be sure to prepare your pet for the journey. Make sure he is healthy and has all of his shots up to date.  Some hotels now require proof of this.  Also be sure to give your pet any flea and tick medication as well as his heartworm preventative.

When packing your pet supplies, pack them all into one bag for easy retrieval. Some of the items you should pack include:

A leash and a collar

A pet name tag with your contact information on it

Bottled water and a water dish

A supply of pet food and a dish

Don’t forget any treats!

A pet brush, some pet shampoo, a couple of toys, and something comfy for him to sleep on

Be sure to include any necessary medications for your pet, as well as a pair of tweezers to remove burrs, eye cleaning drops, and ear powder.

Be sure to keep your pet safe in the car by using a pet restraint device, which is much like your seat belt!  It is important to keep your precious cargo safe!

Stay tuned for how to prepare us for the open road!  I just hope Jessie does not succumb to car sickness!  Ewwww……

(Some information for this post was obtained at the Date My Pet web site.)


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