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Are You An Ailurophile?

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Bo, the incredible cat:  Since we were snowed in this weekend, I decided to take it upon myself to do a bit of research to find out some fun and interesting facts about cats.  We are a unique and clever breed, and, in my estimation, perhaps far superior to those other four-legged creatures that run amongst our domestic arenas, commonly referred to as dogs.  Have you ever noticed that when someone is insulting another person, they might say, “You, dog, you!”  Have you ever heard someone say, “You, cat, you?”  At any rate, here are a few interesting tid bits about cats.  Jessie is fast asleep now, so she has no idea that I am elaborating on what will be a delicate subject for her!

  • The cat’s tail is used to maintain its balance.
  • Ailurophile is the word officially used to describe cat lovers.
  • Cats have the largest eyes of any mammal.
  • There are more bones in a cat’s body than in a human’s body.  While humans have a mere 206 bones, cats boast a more robust 230 bones!
  • The life expectancy of cats has almost doubled over the past 50 years.
  • Domestic cats can run up to speeds of 30 mph, which comes in handy when you have just insulted the family dog and need to high-tail it out of there!
  • The average life-span of an outdoor cat is roughly three to five years, while an indoor cat can expect to live 16 years or longer.  (I wonder what the life span is for an outdoor dog versus an indoor dog?  Does Jessie really need to be inside all of the time?)
  • A cat will sleep for about 16 hours a day.  Yes, we need to revitalize our wonderful brains and bodies.  Speaking of which, it is my nap time.  I hope you have enjoyed these interesting cat tid bits.

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