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After a week of ugly “technical difficulties” we’re finally back in operation!  With the holiday season in full swing, many people are opting to drive rather than fly, and many are taking their pets with them.

I read an interesting article in the KC Star last week discussing people traveling with their pets, so I thought I’d share.  According to an Associated Press poll of 1,000 pet owners, nearly 25% of them have taken their pets with them on vacation in the last two years.  Of those that included their pet on vacation, 75% found the trip more enjoyable than stressful.

Even though more hotel chains are now accepting pets, the majority of pet owners that took their pets stayed with relatives or with friends.

Dog owners are much more likely than cat owners to include their pets on vacations. Camping trips are popular with pet travelers.  Kampgrounds of America (KOA) states that 55-60% of registered guests are traveling with pets.  That figure is up from 45% eight years ago.

Most people that have a good experience traveling with their pet plan to do so again.  Many pet owners are still reluctant to include their pet in travel plans, with only 22% of all pet owners saying they were extremely or very likely to include their pet in family vacations.  Seventy-four percent of cat owners said they were not at all likely to take their pet.

If you do have pets that travel well, either cat or dog, accommodations at hotels and campgrounds have changed a lot in recent years.  Many hotel chains have special menus for pets, monogrammed bowls, plush beds and special services such as massage and grooming available.

Bon voyage!

Information from “Taking Pets Along on Vacations Brings Few Regrets”, by Sue Manning, Associated Press, posted 11/29/10 used for this post


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